Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install a tub or shower in a mobile home? 

Can I keep the window in my bathroom?

Competitors say their tub can drain in two minutes or less; can yours do that? 

How long does installation take?

Another company says they can offer me a discount, can you do that as well? 

Can I get a ballpark price point?

Walk-In Bathtubs - Standard sizes (28x52 & 30x52)       9,700 - 11,200

      Extended sizes (33x55 & Outswing doors) 10,300 - 11,900

Walk-In Shower - Standard shower (30x60 no doors) 8,600 - 9,200

Standard shower (30x60 w/sliding doors)     9,300  - 10,700             

Standard shower (30x60 w/hinged doors) 9,600 - 10,900

Extended / Customize Size Shower 10,500 & up depending on work to be done

*These prices are not exact prices but they'll be pretty close in the range of what the job will be total without exceptions*