We offer a variety of different colors and textile styles to build the exact walk-in shower you desire.

Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs help prevent the risk of fall, available with inswing or outswing doors for wheelchair access.

Empire Construction has been a leader in walk-in tub and shower installation since 2001. Having installed thousands of tubs and showers with excellent customer reviews and recommendations; beginning in 2019 we started to not only install but sell these items ourselves as well. You can deal with one company from the first phone call to the completed installation. We pride ourselves on being family owned and operated; everyone you speak with is either family or a close friend we consider family. 

Walk-in tubs can help your family decrease their risk of a fall while showering and attempting to climb in and out of a standard tub which has a requirement of lifting your legs 14-16" off the ground where these tubs can be adjusted to a height of 6-8".

Walk-in showers also offer the ease of not having to lift your legs as high. We offer standard 4" shower pans all the way down to a roll-in pan for wheelchair users. There is a variety of colors, textile patterns, seating and door options available.